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About project

The project aims to achieve the following specific objectives, which directly address and resolve the below-mentioned problems:

  • Development of a new MSc curriculum in photonics and optical communications at 4 Uzbek universities;
  • Capacity building of 4 Uzbek universities in photonics and optical communications education;
  • Establishment of modern photonics and optical communications laboratories in 4 Uzbek universities;
  • Pilot testing and starting implementation of joint modules/courses during the last project year;
  • Strengthening university-industry cooperation to meet labor market needs.

The INMACOM project is fully in line with the regional priorities set by the E+ CBHE and the national development strategy of Uzbekistan to develop a new, highly demanded, innovative curriculum in photonics and optical communications. It is also designed to expand cooperation with industry to improve the labor market and international cooperation.

The INMACOM project

is not based directly on the results of previous projects, but on the positive experience of UZ universities in the field of modernization of higher education, in the implementation of Erasmus + projects and successful cooperation with EU universities. The main innovative elements are:

  • Firstelement:

    Internationalization of higher education in the field of photonics and optical communications by jointly updating the existing / developing a new curriculum, taking into account the recommendations of partner institutions.

  • Innovative content in line with new developments in the rapidly developing field.

  • Modernization of the equipment necessary for the practical work of students in innovation laboratories.

  • Training of personnel for the development and implementation of innovative training programs.

  • Introduction of various evaluation methods.

  • The response of the educational institution to the demand of the labor market.