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Work packages

WP1. Project Management.

WP2. A detailed study of existing courses on relevant engineering programs at TUIT, NUU, SSU, UFTUIT and other technical universities in Uzbekistan.

WP3. CAPACITY BUILDING. Intensive training courses for Uzbek teachers are planned. The training courses will be conducted in different ways.

WP4. Development of 8 new MSc and 4 technical elective courses (90 ECTS) and MSc thesis requirements.

WP5. Establishment of a photonics and optical communications laboratories at TUIT, NUU, SSU and UBTUIT.

WP6. EXPLOITATION. Recognition and accreditation of 8 newly developed Masters courses.

WP7. The established laboratories will provide training courses for engineers from different industries according to the current needs of the industry.

WP8. QUALITY CONTROL. A Quality Control Team (QCT) will be established from among the academic staff of the partner universities to monitor the quality of teaching and course content.

WP9. Impact and Dissemination.